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International swimming race in the deepest lake on the planet
July 29-30th 2017
Lake Baikal

Listvyanka village, Russia

1 mile and 5K

What’s a Challenge?

Join open water swimmers from all over the world! Take part in the race in the deepest lake in the world and cross the source of the Angara river, the only river originating in Lake Baikal.
The conditions will be challenging, so get ready for a memorable adventure in coldish water (12-16°C or 54-60°F). Lake Baikal is unpredictable. The start will be postponed to the reserve day in case of bad weather.
You will face the strong flow while crossing the source of the Angara river. So be very careful choosing the path of your swimming. The Angara river is even colder than Lake Baikal, so be ready to adjust to the temperature decrease during the swim.
Get ready to become a part of incredible and unforgettable adventure!

Route maps

Both distances will start from the gravel beach in Lystvyanka. The first mile goes straight along the shore to the Cape "Rogatka" ("Slingshot") and the Baikal Museum.

There the participants of 1 mile race turn toward the shore and finish. The participants of 5 km race swim toward the port of Baikal along the source of the Angara. That's where the swimmers will have to struggle with the flow. They should turn back near the shore. Then the route runs from the left shore of the Angara to the right shore passing by the legendary “Shaman-stone” which divides the source of the river in half. According to local legends, one can obtain true love and strong family by touching the “Shaman stone”.

The Finish gate is located on the beach of the right bank of the Angara River 800 m downstream from the Cape “Slingshot”.

Saint sea

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. People call it “The Syberia’s blue eye”, “The Saint Sea” and “The Diamond of the planet”. The water in Baikal is unique by its characteristics. It contains very few dissolved minerals and organic impurity, but there is a lot of oxygen. It is very clear and transparent, so the visibility can be several dozens of meters.

The swim will take place in Lystvyanka village (70km from Irkutsk) which is the most suitable place for the event from the logistic and infrastructure points of view. More than 300 rivers flow into Lake Baikal, but the Angara river is the only one that flows out. The Angara river has one of the widest sources in the world and we are going to cross it.


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How to get here
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A lot of foreigners need a visa to visit Russia. You can visa request via tour agency but it is more expensive. You may also get it by yourself following our instructions.

There are five steps:
  1. Here you can check if a citizen of your country needs a Russian visa.
  2. Get the invitation by our official visa partner online usually it costs $25 (depends on your country). If you buy a tour package with registration to the swim, you get it for free.
  3. Find the Russian Consulate or Visa application center (such as VFS Global) in your area, here is the list.
  4. Collect your documents following the list provided by the Consulate and submit it. The usual Consular fee is €35, and service charge could be about €27 per person.

You can get visa either before or after your registration to the race.
For the first time we promise you to make a refund of the paid entry fee in case of visa refusal.

Feel free to question us
The easiest way – is to take a plane to the city of Irkutsk. The flight from major european cities to Irkutsk (IKT) will cost you about €700 both ways. Direct flights to Irkutsk originate from several cities of Russia, as well as from several foreign countries: Vietnam, India, Spain, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, South Korea, etc.

Also, you can get to Lake Baikal from Ulan-Ude (130 kilometers). It is GMT +8 time zone.

Feel free to question us


Things to know:

1. Irkutsk GMT (+8). Time difference between Moscow and Irkutsk is +5 hours. We recommend to book a flight with arrival date one day before the event.

2. There is a possibility of storm on Baikal and we reserve two days for the event so we could move start to another day.

July 28th (Friday)
7:00-10:00 transfer from airport to Irkutsk, networking time during the breakfast, city tour, bus transfer from Irkutsk to Lystvyanka, pasta party (incl. for Weekend Package)

17:00-21:00 Hotel - receiving starter packages.

July 29th (Saturday)

in case of stormy weather conditions all activities move to the next day (July 30th)

9:00-12:00 “Parus” scene – starter package issue.

13:00 “Parus” scene – prerace briefing. Further instructions will be given during the briefing. Attendance is obligatory for all participants, otherwise the participation is nullified. After briefing all participants move to the locker-rooms and to the start gate.

Time limits: 1mile-1 hour, 5K-2,5 hours

Finishers will be delivered back to the locker-rooms.

15:00 “Parus” scene – awarding ceremony for 1mile distance participants

17:45 “Parus” scene – awarding ceremony for 5K distance participants

8:45 “Parus” scene – after-party

July 30th (Sunday)

9:00 – 10:00 Jogging 8-10K on embankment (optional)

11:00 – 14:00 Trekking activity with guide to the sight “Chershsky’s stone” (rise to a height of 750 m) – best vista point

Alternative things to do:

1. Museum of Baikal
2. Nerpinary
3. Port Baikal
4. Museum “Tal’cy”
5. Eating omul
6. Celebration
7. Irkutsk sightseeing
8. Free time

July 31st (Monday)
Early morning - Transfer to the Irkutsk airport for Weekend Package.

The race committee
Александр Базанов

Alexander Bazanov

Inspirer of the project

The organizer of sports and business events, marathoner, swimming coach

+7 910 389 27 66


Марат Богдалов

Marat Bogdalov

GR Officer

Runner, dancer, fighter, ATCM PCM coach


Андрей Миндрюков

Andrey Mindryukov

Chief Customer Officer

The role model for his son, the swimmer, the full time DIYer


Сергей Рыбкин

Sergey Rybkin

Chief Design and Web Officer

Designer, traveller, triathlete, father of two daughters


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